I am fascinated by the calls that starting coming in January of this year for colour! The first call was a client of mine in East Sooke calling for colour, but it wasn’t every colour, she wanted white. So I went on a hunt and got deer resistant white everything for her .. Then the next call came in a few days later for colour, this time was only reds and orange and yellow. Then the phone started ringing daily and more than one call, then up to 9 calls per day. Amazing talking to these new clients/ their personalities really were coming out. I really think it all stemmed from the emotional state we are all in after this pandemic. People are really realizing what is so important, ourselves. What makes us happy and what we need to keep going .. Happiness is a lot of things but to some, flowers make us happy!

Flowers make us happy because they trigger our happy brain chemicals, dopamine, sarotonin,oxitocin. The blossoming of a flower triggers the sense that something special is coming. Serotonin is thought to to be a contributor to feelings of well being and happiness.

I started around March bringing flowers to my strata properties just to fill in sad looking empty corners and to then find out that residence commented that ” seeing the blooming flowers made their day!” so I kept going and still this past week brought only 5 tuberous begonias to fill a sad spot at my favorite strata in Brentwood Bay and a women walking by said ” what you are doing each week here really makes me happy thanks . I feel down lately and I really appreciate you “

When I go to bed at night I really feel my job is the best job anyone can have .. all I do it make peoples day because what I do only makes our earth better and great to look at ..

So have a great evening and keep your chin up !