Happy Spring ! Just wanted to share this little project . i have been in school in Building design this past year and day after day with the stress of school and computers and homework I managed to meet a great lady in the parkade that saw me at the end of my days stress and after getting talking with her I found out she had wanted to do a makeover to her front yard ( well for 25 years ) so I went ahead and told her to send me a photo of the yard .. and on my spring break I created this quick drawing . I am doing this as a surprise for her , we are jack hammering out the front sidewalk completely , scraping the lawn out and putting a new gravel path with archway in front with honeysuckle climbing up , and the rest of the yard will be wood chips and nice barrel pots with drought resistant plants .. I had a vision for her house as well but I can’t cover that .. I can create the ideas but … that would be something totally separate ! Nice anyhow nice to do something for nice people around .. makes me feel good ! Enjoy the warmer weather ! Tina

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