I have had numbers of calls with homeowners that have ” had it ” with such a high maintenance yard … And ask ” what do I do “.. My last example is a home in Sunriver Estates – homeowners bought this 12 year old home to rent out . So they gutted the inside and renovated suite plus main level but were stuck on the yard . The problem with renting out your home is normally the renters ” let the yard go ” . Which leaves a mess to clean up .. This overgrown yard was full of ” older aged shrubs ” that couldn’t even be saved by a ” haircut”…

So my first suggestion was to get rid of all ” non saveable shrubs ” and lay landscape cloth and 1/2 inch river rock . This will turn the yard into a ” low maintenance” garden . The lawn is full of moss and weeds but my suggestion was only keep cutting it . There is no point in throwing money into a lawn if it will not be propertly taken care of …

So here it comes….

Ways to make your ” older ” or”newer ” properties low maintenance ….?

Well my friends lets start with cutting back sifting and thinning all the gardens …

Material such as wood chips are great !

Thinnng out older gardens … sometimes by hand or might need a machine ….

First step is to tour your garden , see what you have and even make a sketch on paper . What is old what is in the right or wrong spot . What to eliminate .. Then get at it . Also you can go for a walk or search on the google for any ideas you have to brighten your gardens … Then top each garden with a material that will cut down on weeds and maintenance .

The ” in ” right now is river rock , you can get 1/2 inch smaller river rock as well as large 1 inch ..

I would defintately add some new shrubs while you are at the process

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