We sometimes use SEA SOIL for many different reasons, but one of the biggest ones is the nutrients that it brings with it. Find a full article below about how wonderful it is for your plants and Gardens.

What is SEA SOIL?

Article by debra@nicon.ca

SEA SOIL is created by composting a mixture of fish by-products (waste) and forest fines (a logging industry term for bark and the organics that fall off the logs during the sorting process).


SEA SOIL contains abundant amounts of macro-nutrients, micronutrients, and trace elements to produce healthy plants with good growth, strong roots, and scores of bright-colored blossoms. There is no need for additional commercial fertilizer when applying SEA SOIL.

SEA SOIL has a weed-free status – meaning it will not bring weeds into your garden, unlike many other soils like those composted with manure.

SEA SOIL increases organic content, is chemical-free, and retains moisture. SEA SOIL is for use in plants, pots, containers, and gardens, or just anywhere you would like to grow plants.

SEAL SOIL is also a value-added solution to responsibly recycling two waste streams. We do not harvest any of our ingredients by excavating from the earth or harvesting any fish from the ocean.

SEA SOIL is a truly environmentally sound and organic product! It is safe to use anywhere you would grow plants.

SEAL SOIL is the “fine wine” of organic composted soils. It’s how long we compost and how we compost that makes

SEA SOIL is such a great organically fertilized soil that can be used in many different ways in your garden and/or farm.

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