Of course, says Strata Bylaw Act:

Also, before carrying out any modifications and changes to the strata lot, approval should be sought from the strata corporation. This is especially with respect to construction, exterior designs, boundaries that are co-owned and areas restricted by the act. Basically there is no guaranteed freedom as such even as the owner of the strata lot. This is in a bid to maintain uniformity, high standards and safety of the property, which would otherwise not be achieved if everyone was allowed to do as they wished.

I have ran into conflict with this issue in the 16 years I have been in business. Different strata properties, took it up on themselves to do what they wanted and then the flow of the gardens and plans went right into the garbage. Once you start playing with the design or going against the green thumb you end up with a messy property that doesnt attract the eye.

A perfect example of this is a recent strata property in Mechosin I maintain. All gardens are limited common property which means Elite maintains all of these gardens weeding and pruning. One homeowner decided to chop her 15 ” Choicia” shrubs down to the ground. The gardens looked like a graveyard. I thought of my father right away, who would of fell to the ground seeing this .. She didn’t like how they were so overgrown. And then her burbery shrubs had to be pruned this month like all of the other gardens and the homeonwer said no.

Again to follow these strata rules is so important especially when you are part of a group of people on the property, its not just you !

How can you make the best of your strata grounds? Follow a strict fertlizing plan, adding sea soil each year and water water water .. No chemicals !

Thats all for today see you soon ! Happy Gardening !


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