HI everyone ! It's been a while .. LIfe is great, we are starting early this year. I can't say wheather it is due to the pandemic people are eager to get going on thier yards or simply 2021 itself! I am greatful and am loving each and every new challange and job coming. My favorite part is meeting new people, making sure they are content and as happy as I am with the finished product. What drives me nuts on my adventures around is seeing yards that do not match the home, never mind have a theme or purpose. Each and every plant should have a story, a reason why it is where it is and a plan !

Colours mean a lot!

First we look at the elements outside .. walkways, arches, fences, patios. Then look at your houses wall materials . Do you see brick , stone, wood, stucco, paint. If you are working with neutral colours such as beige or white or light grey you can basically work with any colours. With a grey home you might want to go with cooler colours such as burgendy , blue , red. With a home beige you might like purples , pinks violet. With a home of brick , I think of orange , yellow and red ( sunset colours )

Also matching colours from the trim , door colours is flashy . Ie) Matching a garden pot on your deck or a colour in your gazebo

It's nice to have your yard stick out to people passing by origionality and a unique show that will draw the eye ... !

Have a great weekend !


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